What's Happening:


What People Are Saying:

“Great stage presence…what stood out was his genuineness and likability. Our audience loved him!”                                                                    – Brian Aiello Entertainment Chair, Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

“With this effervescent single, Steven Cade debuts a song that is as strong as, if not better than, anything else you hear on the radio.”               – RoughStock

“Steven Cade is an awesome artist. He grabbed my attention and held until he finished…an artist I feel we will be hearing great things about in the future.”                                                                                                             – Danny Leake FOH, Stevie Wonder

“At the top of your, list has to be Steven Cade.”                                              – Bart Mendoza, SDNews.com

“A singer/songwriter cut from a special breed. A local favorite turned into a Nashville superstar in the making. I already know he will top the charts.”                                                                                                                   – Chris Megason, President and CEO, Solutions for Change