Seven Legends is a dream inspiration group that is based on seven hard workers who help bring harmony and hope to the group. It serves as a fun hangout place and hosts events in games such as cdt to create fun and enjoyment

Element of The Beast

Element of Philanthropic

Element of Unity

Element of Analytics

Element of Speed

Element of Drifting

Element of Parkour

Legend Members:

The Legends Are (Listed in greatest to least):

The Beast: ArceusSeven (Founding Legend)

Philanthropic: CadeCountry (Founding Legend)

Unity: In Rising

Anaytics: Undecided

Speed: Undecided

Drifing: Undecided

Parkour: Undecided

Legend Characteristcs:

The Beast:

 Who can be able to do more grinding and achieve more things than any other player, also dedicated and hard work. (Or at one time could)


 Shows complete dedication for eradication of homelessness and poverty, seeing the world to becoming a better place. They are involved and serving in several boards of organizations which are deleting financial, inherited, and mental issues throughout all places. (Or at one time did)


Emits the ability to dispute nearly any argument and keep all the legends United with themselves and the rest of the members. They play an active role in ensuring harmony throughout everything. (Or at one time could)


 Shows an abnormal amount of intellect and has dedicated it towards helping grow and support the group. They are good with most things that have to do with knowledge and numbers. (Or at one time did)


Demonstrates the ability to be able to beat nearly anyone in all around races. They just have skill. And a lot of it. (Or at one time could/did)


Can stir up some serious smoke on the ground. Turn right, go left. That about sums it up. (Or at one time could)


 Can find their way out of almost any sticky situation, never missing a stone. (Or at one time could)

Some Legends are not as good as they once were, hence the name legend. They will always be one of the 7.