Our mission is to make a positive impact using music and work towards breaking the cycle of poverty in our country one note at a time. We do this by donating guitars to inspire families, men, women and children who have fallen on hard times and have found themselves in a shelter, at-risk youth center, or foster home. They are encouraged to pick up the guitar, learn the instrument and use it to eventually bless others. 

One of our goals is to raise both awareness and funds for these shelters to enable them to help the individuals at their shelters in the best ways possible. Homelessness in America is a serious problem but together we can make a positive impact through music! Studies have shown that playing an instrument can relieve stress, build character, give direction and help change lives for the better no matter what circumstances a person is facing. The Bible tells us it is better to give than to receive, so we hope to encourage others to also offer their time, talents and treasure to those without food to eat, or a home to live in. Together we can make a difference!



  • Drop off new guitars for the residents to use while staying at their facility 
  • Live performance for residents and staff
  • Tour and video the facility to share on social media 
  • Create a press release and flyer for promotion 
  • Perform at a venue near the shelter to promote, raise awareness and raise funds specifically for their facility.